Audi A8 D3 4E NEW air suspension strut rear left. 4E0616001N; 4E0616001F; 4E0616001M

Item No.: AD008L
This air strut is very stable good quality with 1 year warranty

This is a completely brand new air strut rear left. 

Can be installed in the following vehicles:


Audi A8 (D3, 4E) 2002-2011 rear left

OEM Number:

4E0 616 001 N; 4E0616001N

4E0 616 001 F; 4E0616001F

4E0 616 001 M; 4E0616001M

4E0 616 001 P; 4E0616001P

4E0 616 001 Q; 4E0616001Q

4E0 616 001 G; 4E0616001G

4E4 616 001 A; 4E4616001A



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